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I am Mira AL-Smeirat founder of Mira AL-Smeirat Associates. The space that I established in 2017 from nothing to everything that you see today.

Through out my career and life experiences I would always stumble upon youngsters who are lost on a cross road, not knowing how to move forward with their studies, careers and even personal lives. Seeing the hopelessness in their eyes trigged me to finish a diploma in life coaching; I attended countless workshops and seminars of career counseling, until I was finally given the space by the baptist school when I established the platform for AUM and career advisory.

My work with my students there was highly noticeable and impactful, I am blessed to say that I helped setting the career for hundreds of students who are still in touch with me till this day... its alway a pleasure hearing how successful they are with their path today!

I truly found myself in this job, which became "a career counsel and life coach by choice and a musician by soul!"

Education is a continuous process that never ends, it gives our lives the meaning of being alive, active and joyful. That's the foundation of Mira Al-Smeirat Associates.

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