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Career Counseling

Why should YOU trust me with your Career Counseling?

I started career counseling after a personal experience of helping one of my students, witnessing the comfort and trust of this student and the parents gave my life another sense of purpose and belief! 

After intensive time and research on career counseling from different workshops held around the world, I knew I was ready to help students in building a better future for them and for the greater picture!

Career counseling is not about me it's about YOU!

After almost 10 years in helping students find their way, now I'm glad to say that my services are the best that you can find in Amman!

In the last year I have been working hard on building bridges between the European countries, in particular the UK, Hungary and Austria.

I managed to establish strong relations with various organizations and student affairs to sustain student career counselling and self-development plan for each client that differs from to another to provide customized services to individuals and groups. 















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